Andrew Lamberto: Positive Reputation

Andrew Lamberto is a Southern California Human Resources executive who maintains an exceedingly-positive reputation. He attended the University of Phoenix for his Master’s degree in Organizational Management and has held numerous respected roles.

From his eleven years with the County of San Bernardino to his fourteen years with the County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Andrew Lamberto has always left an amazing impression on his peers.

“In the years that I have known Andrew,” reads one of Mr. Lamberto’s letters of recommendation, “he has become one of the most respected people in our business. Andrew has been an extremely hard worker, frequently working late into the night in support of his Agency. He is intelligent, honest, and quick witted with an abundance of common sense.

“Andrew is searching for new challenges and a new direction in his working life. Andrew Lamberto has been a friend, a colleague, a sounding board, and a source of invaluable advice over the years. I highly recommend Andrew for any job that requires trust, integrity, and hard work. I know from experience he would be an asset to any employer.”

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Andrew Lamberto: Highly Recommended Professional

Andrew Lamberto is an educated Human Resources executive in Southern California with decades of professional experience. Andrew Lamberto holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Moravian College and a Master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.


Since beginning his career, Andrew Lamberto has found a passion for all things related to human resources. He has even served as an adjunct professor on multiple occasions to teach undergraduate and graduate students courses on human resources. Unsurprisingly, his peers have nothing but good to say about him.

The following excerpt is taken from a letter of recommendation written by Mr. Andrew Lamberto’s colleague:

“Andrew was always reliable and could be reached at a moment’s notice whenever either I or our management team had any questions. He has great communication skills and is very dependable. I can say that I relied on his advice and recommendations without any concern.

“I believe that Andrew [Lamberto] would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my full support and highest recommendation.”

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Andrew Lamberto: Expert in Employee Relations

Andrew Lamberto spent almost twelve years working for San Bernardino County as the Director of Human Resources. Part of his job involved engaging employees and ensuring they were satisfied with their work and that their morale remained high. Also in this position, Lamberto was “responsible for subordinate staff of approximately 150 employees, 16 [Memoranda] of Understanding, and preparing and administering an annual budget of approximately $16 million.” He helped craft the Human Resources policies and procedures for the department, ensuring that they complied with existing County Personnel Rules, as well as state and federal regulations. Lamberto was also “responsible for oversight of two additional department heads in both Risk Management and Information Services with a combined staff of over 400 employees.”

Andrew Lamberto took an important position within San Bernardino County that required him to measure employee engagement and overall satisfaction. He helped take care of the department’s many employees by creating initiatives that provide services to employees and ensured that these initiatives are reaching the right employees at the right times to increase enrollment numbers and overall employee satisfaction. Lamberto took steps to engage employees by providing them with programs and services that help them, such as the 529 Educational Savings Plan, which allowed County employees to create a 529 account for any related child (including nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.) to help save for college and other educational institutions.

The 529 Education Savings Plan was only one of the many initiatives and programs Andrew Lamberto set up for San Bernardino County employees as the Director of Human Resources. Andrew Lamberto created many opportunities for employees and their families to succeed over his twenty-five years of experience in Human Resources for both Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County. He started at San Bernardino County in 2005.

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Andrew Lamberto: Former Director of Human Resources and Educator

Andrew Lamberto is the former Director of Human Resources for San Bernardino County. Before starting his work for San Bernardino County in 2005, Lamberto spent close to fifteen years working for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. During his long career, Andrew Lamberto has picked up knowledge and experience that can help Public Administration executives and employees in a variety of fields. He applied this knowledge as an adjunct professor for National University, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal State San Bernardino. Andrew Lamberto served as a “principal assistant to and act on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer on a variety of administrative matters” during his tenure as the Director of Human Resources.

Andrew Lamberto loved teaching. As an administrator and Human Resources executive, he designed and presented training programs to thousands of employees within both counties. The skills he needed to create these training programs lent themselves well to his duties as an adjunct professor, when he was up in front of hundreds of students. Andrew Lamberto loved communicating with students and helping them get ahead in their own careers. He knew that if he could teach them the right way to manage, more organizations, both in the public and private sector, will benefit.

Andrew Lamberto helped his students understand the nuances of the duties of public administrators, drawing on his deep experience in a variety of roles that affect how organizations deal with and are viewed by the public. His years serving as the “one of the number twos to the Chief Executive Officer in a County with over 21,000 employees, 5 Elected Board of Supervisors, an Elected Sheriff, District Attorney, Auditor-Controller Treasure Tax Collector and Assessor” helped many students at several Southern Californian colleges.

Andrew Lamberto created opportunities for his students to gain experience from his own experience and build their educational backgrounds.

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Andrew Lamberto: Simple Ways to Look More Professional

Andrew Lamberto worked as the Director of Human Resources with the County of San Bernardino, California, for over a decade. In that time, he implemented many changes, including “The Standards of Dress and Grooming Policy” for all County employees.

Most workplaces have dress and grooming policies, but professionals like Andrew Lamberto have personal policies to ensure that they always look their best. To do the same, you can:

  • Follow Dress Code. Workplaces usually have dress codes, but not all employees study them. Take time to read your office dress code and follow it perfectly, becoming a model employee.

When possible, go beyond the office dress code. For example, if the code mandates that all male employees must wear pants, always wear pressed suit pants.

  • Go Beyond the Minimum. Most offices have a minimum hour requirement for employees to work. The minimums typically outline when to arrive and how late to stay. Go beyond the minimum and put more time in than is required.

Working more than the minimum creates a dedicated image that demands respect.

  • Be on Time. Never arrive late to a meeting or day at work. Being on time shows that you respect the time of others, and it creates an air of timeliness and organization.

If you cannot avoid running late because of an emergency, call ahead of time and tell those in charge that you will not be on time. Though being late doesn’t look good, emergencies are understandable if you handle them correctly.

Implementing your own dress code and personal appearance policies can help you build a successful career like Andrew Lamberto’s. Soon, you might be the person known for always looking ready for business.


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Andrew Lamberto: Awards and Recognition

Andrew Lamberto earned recognition when the Human Resources department he was in charge of with San Bernardino County received two awards from the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators, Inc. for plan design and administration and effective communication. Andrew Lamberto was the Director of Human Resources for San Bernardino County from 2005 until 2016. Andrew Lamberto previously worked as an executive for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department.


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Andrew Lamberto: Improve Your Stage Presence for Training

Andrew Lamberto’s delivery of training presentations during his decades as a Southern California professional has allowed him to develop a stage presence that engages and entertains the audience.

Stage presences like Andrew Lamberto’s are easy, unless you’re a natural at public speaking, but you’ll need to improve yours if you’re delivering training presentations. Tips like those below will help you own the stage and interest the audience:

  • Never Make Excuses. When you walk on stage to deliver a training presentation, especially if you’re nervous, it’s tempting to say something like: “I’m not great at being on stage, but…”

Such excuses do nothing for your image to the audience. Many audience members will silently reply with “Why are you wasting my time, then?” whenever a presenter makes an excuse. Avoid excuses and be confident.

  • Prepare Ahead of Time. The time to do prep checks is not when you are on stage. Check your mic, deal with lighting, review your slides and check your remote ahead of time. The audience does not come to watch you prepare. The audience is there to learn from you.

If something goes wrong while you’re on stage, smile and look confident while you fix the problem. This looks better than over-prepping before a problem arises.

Following advice like the above often isn’t enough to fine-tune your stage presence. You should also read respected public speaking books, watch presentations by speakers that you admire and consider speaking with fellow presenters like Andrew Lamberto about the tricks of the trade.

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