Andrew Lamberto: Capable Leader

Andrew Lamberto is a respected human resources consultant with decades of experience. Andrew Lamberto holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a Business Administration and Management degree, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Management, and he’s known as a leader to all who’ve worked with him.

Andrew Lamberto-

The following quotes are from employees that worked under Andrew Lamberto at the County of San Bernardino, and they’re indicative of his professional reputation:

  • “Andrew is a very capable leader,” said one employee. “He is unafraid to lead, to ask for the best, and to take heat on our behalf if necessary.”
  • “I always feel that Andrew supports me in whatever I need to accomplish. He shows his support as an advisor, counselor, guide, and even cheerleader. He is also quick to ask if I need him to take the lead on anything I need upper management support in accomplishing,” commented another employee.

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Andrew Lamberto: An Upstanding Professional

Andrew Lamberto is an upstanding human resources professional with decades of experience in various roles within his field. As of 2017, he began working as a human resources consultant, moving away from his previous role with the County of San Bernardino in California. He’s worked as an adjunct professor on multiple occasions and, in his spare time, his compassion shines in his volunteer efforts with the homeless population in Southern California.

As a well-loved leader in human resources, Andrew Lamberto has received praise from dozens of people he’s worked with over the years. From “great sense of humor” to “genuinely caring about his staff’s personal issues,” his professional reviews are overwhelmingly-positive.

“Andrew is very knowledgeable about his job and is savvy about the business needs of the customers he serves. He is also strategic in his thinking and his approach to getting the job done,” reads another review left by an employee.

Want to learn more about Andrew Lamberto’s career? Visit his profile for additional information.

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How to Work Under a Leader Like Andrew Lamberto

Andrew Lamberto is a respected leader who lives and works in Southern California. He spent eleven years with the County of San Bernardino and fourteen years with the County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and he’s now working as a consulting professional.

If you’re working under a seasoned leader like Andrew Lamberto, the following advice from his former employees might help you get ahead:

  • “Be responsive,” begins one review, “he expects excellent customer service of all of his staff even if that means telling someone you don’t have the answer for them right now but you will follow up.”
  • “Be sure to be accurate,” reads another, “he expects that you are accurate in what you do or at least be honest if you don’t know the answer. He does not tolerate stupid mistakes that could have easily been avoided.”
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Learning to Manage a Team from Andrew Lamberto

Andrew Lamberto has decades of experience in human resources, and he’s presently putting those years to work as a consultant in Southern California. He has received numerous peer reviews with overwhelmingly-positive sentiments, and even those who have worked under him seem to have nothing but good to say.


The following qualities are just some of many that make Andrew Lamberto the leader he is, and they’re all in the words of former employees who served under him:

  • “He makes you accountable,” begins one employee. “Do not try to pass things off if you are responsible, he holds everyone accountable for their (and their staff’s) actions.”
  • “Andrew gives credit where credit is due,” wrote another employee. “He allows his employees to shine. He backs up his employees to others. If you don’t meet his expectations though, he will tell you privately, and he can be brutally honest.
  • “Never a dull moment,” wrote a third employee. “He is energetic. Andrew has high expectations of his employees, but no more than he expects from himself.”
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Andrew Lamberto: Professional Reputation

Andrew Lamberto is a highly-recommended Human Resources executive with decades of career experience. He’s a member of the Society for Human Resources Management and of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources, and his peers have nothing but good to say about him. The following excerpt is from one of Mr. Lamberto’s many letters of recommendation:

Andrew Lamberto

“I am the Chief Executive Officer for the County of San Bernardino,” wrote Andrew Lamberto’s colleague. “Andrew was employed by the County of San Bernardino as the Director of Human Resources from September, 2005 through November, 2015. When I joined the County in 2010, I immediately knew that Andrew Lamberto was going to be an invaluable asset to my management team. He quickly demonstrated his ability to assist me in transforming the county and enhancing the services we provide to the public. He is a very good communicator and I knew I could rely on him in the most difficult situations. He routinely made presentations to the Board of Supervisors and other entities with no hesitation. I also had no concern leaving Andrew in charge of county operations in my absence.”

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Andrew Lamberto: Highly Recommended

Andrew Lamberto is a Human Resources executive who has decades of diverse career experience. He’s presently working as a Human Resources consultant, and he has a reputation for his professional expertise in all areas of the field.


“I serve as an Assistant Sheriff for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. I would like to personally recommend Andrew Lamberto as a candidate for employment in [any] company,” wrote a former colleague in a letter of recommendation for Mr. Lamberto. “Andrew was employed by the County of San Bernardino as the Director of Human Resources. In his capacity, Andrew was responsible for providing support for all Human Resources activities for the Sheriff’s department, which included recruitment, benefits and compensation, employee relations, and various other support functions. He was the first point of contact for any human resources issue and was an integral part of the Chief Executive Officer’s management team.”

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Andrew Lamberto: Positive Testimonial

Andrew Lamberto lives and works in Southern California as a Human Resources consultant. He has decades of experience and an outstanding reputation in his field, particularly with those he’s worked alongside.

The following is an excerpt from a testimonial left by one of Andrew Lamberto’s former colleagues who worked closely with him in two separate positions:

Andrew Lamberto1

“As Human Resource Manager of a County you must know more, and do more, than just handle labor issues. [Andrew] has been able to manage a diverse staff of professional and administrative employees and be an expert on health care issues; retirement plans and formulas (including actuarial reports); local, state, and national labor law; and must keep abreast of new legal and legislative developments and case law that will affect his Agency. Andrew Lamberto has handled all these issues and more and has been in effect, the CEO of a good-sized company with hundreds of constituents, responsibilities, and tasks to do every day.”


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