Andrew Lamberto – The Responsibilities of a Compensation Administrator

Andrew Lamberto had many responsibilities in his position as the Director of Human Resources for San Bernardino County. In addition to developing new systems and policies in-house to comply with state and federal laws and to improve throughput and work efficiency, he wasalso one of several executives responsible for the revised and updated payroll system and administration for San Bernardino County, which has over 21,000 employees. Before he came to work for San Bernardino County, he worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where he was in charge of making payroll decisions and determining salary levels for employees.


As a payroll administrator, Andrew Lamberto was skilled at conducting and analyzing compensation studies for both internal and external salary comparisons. He was responsible for reviewing hundreds of positions and their salaries for comparison to San Bernardino County’s salary levels. Lamberto and other payroll administrators like him compared the salaries of similar positions in similar situations to help determine how much their departments will offer new and promoted employees in many different positions. Lamberto used the data from his comparison studies to inform his payroll level decisions and to help set a standard in his organization that he could base his future payroll decisions on for the County of San Bernardino.

Andrew Lamberto worked hard from 2005 to 2015 to create the best possible payroll standards for all employees of San Bernardino County. This extensive work, in addition to his many other duties he performed as the Director of Human Resources for the County, kept him active and busy in the lives of many employees and other administrators for the County.


About Andrew Lamberto

Andrew Lamberto was the Director of Human Resources for the County of San Bernardino, California for over ten years. Andrew Lamberto served in a dual capacity as the Executive Administrator over two departments in the County, Risk Management and Information Services. Andrew Lamberto was one of the principal assistants to the Chief Executive Officer of the County, which employs over 21,000 people in the area.
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