Andrew Lamberto: Bringing Wellness to the Workplace

Andrew Lamberto is a Human Resources professional who, in his varied workplace responsibilities, has managed wellness plans with an enthusiastic dedication to the health of all employees.

Employee wellness is an oft-overlooked element of organizational management, but professionals like Andrew Lamberto see its value and work to enforce its guidelines in several ways. The following are simple ways any organization can bring wellness to the workplace:

  • Flu season can seriously damage an organization’s productivity for weeks at a time. By offering vaccinations, you give your employees an edge fighting the flu and other illnesses.

You can either bring a vaccination station to your business or, if this is not possible, offer employee reimbursement for vaccinations. To make vaccination incentives more effective, also place a workplace emphasis on hand washing and staying home when contagious year-round.


  • Smart Snacks. Switch the snacks in your break rooms and vending machines for healthy options. This easily encourages employees to make better decisions for their wellbeing, offering options like whole-grain crackers instead of chocolates or candies.

A breakroom fruit bowl or refrigerator stocked with yogurt can also encourage smarter snacking throughout the workforce.

  • Onsite Exercise Facilities. If possible, join the modern companies that offer onsite exercise facilities. It doesn’t have to be large, but a spinning room or even a walking club can give employees the motivation that they need to exercise regularly.

Tips like those above are just some of the many that professionals like Andrew Lamberto use to improve workplace wellness. For further reading on the topic, pick up a reputable book or seek online publications by respected Human Resources specialists.


About Andrew Lamberto

Andrew Lamberto was the Director of Human Resources for the County of San Bernardino, California for over ten years. Andrew Lamberto served in a dual capacity as the Executive Administrator over two departments in the County, Risk Management and Information Services. Andrew Lamberto was one of the principal assistants to the Chief Executive Officer of the County, which employs over 21,000 people in the area.
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